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History of American GraffitiThis is the “HOT” new Graffiti book – the title says it all! Checkout me and Minnesota on page 330!          Click here to get a sample of the book.

Thank you Roger Gastman & Caleb Neelon

In the summer of 1983 i was introduced to the culture of HipHop through break dancing. In the summer of 1984 i watched the documentary film “Style Wars” on PBS. It had the most powerful influence on as a youth interested in HipHop. After watching the program, Graffiti Art was my new all consuming interest. i was already interested in art and enjoyed drawing comic book heroes, Ninjas, D&D images and dinosaurs. Entering high school, i became bored with those themes until Graffiti re-freshened my arts interest. These are some of my earliest pieces produced in the mid to late 1980’s in North Minneapolis MN, earning me the title of the first Graffiti Writer in the Twin Cities. In 1987 i moved to Chicago to attend school at The Arts Institute and the Minneapolis Graffiti scene died. The scene was brought back to life by the crews AKB and HM in the 1990’s which mapped the Twin Cities as a dominate Midwest Graffiti location. The most recognize artists from those crews are EROS, AKB and EWOK, HM.

Bustin Fresh, First piece in Minneapolis - North side. 1984

“Bustin Fresh” by DAESK (lookout; Jason Corporal, “JC”). First piece in Minneapolis 1984.






"Hop To IT", North Minneapolis. 1984“Hop To It” by DAESK. Lookout Jason Carporal “JC” North Minneapolis. 1984


"Mackin ME" - influenced by Mitch, Subway Art. 1984“Mackin ME” aka DAESK. Influenced by MITCH, Subway Art. North Minneapolis 1985


Viper & Mackin ME (aka DAESK), WildStyle. North Minneapolis. 1985“Viper & Mackin ME” (aka DAESK), WildStyle. North Minneapolis. 1985


Mackin ME, North Minneapolis, 1985“Mackin ME” (aka DAESK). Character by VIPER, North Minneapolis, 1985


KRUSH 330, Influenced by SEEN, Subway Art, North Minneapolis. 1985“KRUSH 330” (aka DAESK) Influenced by SEEN, Subway Art, North Minneapolis. 1985


xSKAPE, North Minneapolis, 1986

“xSKAPE” (aka DAESK) Influenced by SKEME. North Minneapolis, 1986


xSKAPE & G-REY, downtown Minneapolis, 1986“xSKAPE” (aka DAESK) & G-REY, Lookouts BINKYr.i.p. & KAIone. Downtown Minneapolis, 1986

SKAAM, Influenced by Rooster (CISA). 1988“SKAAM” aka DAESK, Influenced by Rooster (CISA). 1988