SWAT Mural Gainsville, FL. 2008“SWAT” Gainesville, FL. 2008. In Collaboration with Josh “JAWSH” Lemke

Peyton using CanHOLDIT Prototypes in Fargo N. Dakota 2010Peyton the inventor of CanHOLDIT, Shown here using the Prototypes at HipHop Don’t Stop in Fargo North Dakota, 2010.

I invented and developed the CanHOLDIT in the summer of 2008. i was invited to paint a mural with Josh “JAWSH” Lemke in Gainesville Florida. We were both using a simple tool belt to hold several spray cans while traveling up and down scaffolding. It accurd to me that individual holsters for the cans would be a more efficient way to carry the paint. Returning to Minneapolis I drafted up some drawings and hired an old school shoe maker to construct the first prototypes. During the course of two years and several design changes, i paid for several holsters to be made and finally amassed the first prototypes of 8 holsters on a work belt (shown in picture) and named it, “CanHOLDIT.

The first prototypes were made of high quality leather and tough canvas. It proved to be too expensive to manufacture. So i found a new manufacturer to make the product from a light weight vinyl and canvas, which is cheaper and easier to make as well as lighter around the waist. The CanHOLDIT will help one become a more efficient painter without bending over a zillion times or going up and down ladders and scaffolding to change cans and caps.

12th Strand Party, posing with CanHOLDITs, 201112th Strand Party, posing with CanHOLDITs, 2011