Peyton’s Brief Artistic Biography

I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1969. Creating art was not a choice; it was something that just happened, as for most children. However, for me, it was an escape. A chance to be alone for a while, which I still value today. Dinosaurs, comics, and ninjas were my subjects of choice. As I entered into high school I became bored with those themes and soon discovered Graffiti Art from the legendary documentary film, Style Wars. This experience had the single most influence on me and consumed my art making interest. A portfolio of traditional art (drawing and painting) with graffiti based works helped me earn acceptance to The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. I majored in Screen Printing and as an undergrad, I experimented with many mediums including printmaking, ceramics, photography, painting, drawing, foundry, sculpture, and art business. During school, I managed to open a studio and gallery called “My House Gallery” with partner Marc Terell. Marc’s guidance and mentorship helped shape my professionalism and business sense in the arts. After graduating in 1991, I moved back to Minnesota and opened another studio and gallery as well as a print shop and education center, “House of Daskarone”. I have had solo and collaborative exhibitions in Minnesota, Chicago, and Argentina. I have also painted murals in those places and in New York, Florida and Yugoslavia.

In 1995, I founded “Juxtaposition Arts”, a non-profit after school arts program for youth. Juxtaposition provided opportunities for youth to create portfolios, interpret art, and exhibit their work. It also allowed them to paint murals and partner with other organizations. The organization was founded to help young artists think and be professional within the artistic realm and learn how to use those skills in any endeavor they may choose. Working ten years as the artistic director of Juxtaposition, I resigned and moved to South Carolina to pursue my other passion in martial arts…kickboxing. While in South Carolina, I traveled the world as a professional fighter and fought under Chuck Norris’s World Combat League. After three years of living in the South, I returned to Minnesota and continued following kickboxing as well as fine arts and art education for youth. I managed to earn the US kickboxing title before retiring to once again pursue visual arts full time.

Today i have a family with two kids and my time has become more valuable and I am understanding how short and fast life is, so my focus is directed toward the one art form I love the most, graffiti art. It’s a very controversial medium that is very misunderstood due to its roots in vandalism. My aim is to highlight the artistic merits of the craft – not only as an art form but as an educational process.

I have founded a new program called SPRAYFINGER. This program teaches the aesthetics of graffiti as a fine art. I was a Bush Fellowship recipient (2012-2014). During this time I developed the concept and began teaching youth, adults, senior citizens, and teachers letter structure, aerosol control, and using letters and names to create art. I have been able to deliver my program all over Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Mexico.

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