About Me


 i am; A Beautiful, Powerful, Creative Free Man. i have two awesome children and my work is Visual Artist & Teacher, Graffiti Artist & Muralist, Martial Artist/Kickboxer & Instructor.

Peyton the Artist


Daddy & Daughter, 2011

Daddy explaining art, 2011

Bubbie Ghost Train, Holloween 2010



With Daughter, 2011

Peyton using CanHOLDIT Prototypes in Fargo N. Dakota 2010





Daddy Explaining Art. 2011





 Panting in Fargo,  N.D., 2010

Bubbie Ghost Train, Holloween, 2010

Bo Staff Form, 2009

Paint Roller Hapkido, 2009


Bo Staff Form, Hapkido 3rd Degree Test, 2009

Paint Roller Defense, Hapkido 3rd Degree Test, 2009

Prepare for Battle, 2009 US Title FightFront kick in Action, 2009





Preparing for Battle, US Title fight 2009

Getting it on!