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E,e: eh, ie – epsilon 2017 18” x 24" Aerosol, Cut Paper, 24KT Gold Leaf on Paper

E,e: eh, ie – epsilon
18” x 24″
Aerosol, Cut Paper, 24KT Gold Leaf on Paper

Homewood Studios Solo Exhibition, “Graffiti: The Art of Creative Lettering” 2018

MPLS St.Paul Mag Prince & the Gold Star 1st Ave. 2016

MPLS St.Paul Magazine Prince & the Gold Star 1st Ave. 2016

REDCAN Poster. 2016


one2one BIAFRA & DAESK, December 2015

Last one2one of 2015. BIAFRA & DAESK

Just finished the last one2one for 2015 with BIAFRA in December. i didn’t think i would complete the mural, as we started it in November. Life, jobs, family, and other things got in the way of finishing the work. Turns out the weather warmed just a bit on Sunday December 20th and i had the opportunity to finish the production. Please visit one2one to see all 14 one2one creations.

Paint Louis 2015. St. Luois MO. In collaboration with CYFI. Photo by ATTNg3tr for 12ozProfit.

Paint Louis 2015. St. Luois MO Graffiti Jam. In collaboration with CYFI. Photo by ATTNg3tr for 12ozProfit.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder themed mural for the community of Eagle Butte, SD 2015.

#2 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) themed mural for Eagle Butte, SD 2015. Mural still in progress.

REDCAN South Dakota Graffiti Jam, 2015

REDCAN South Dakota Graffiti Jam, 2015

Casket 5 exhibition, June 5 - July 3, 2015.

Casket 5 exhibition, June 5 – July 3, 2015.

2015. i have been engaged with the Cheyenne River Youth Project (CRYP) on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota for almost two years now. i have traveled there every month for the past year teaching my Graffiti:The Art of Creative Lettering classes with drawing, collage and aerosol. i have taught the staff in the adult classes and the interns as youth classes. We are looking forward to building deeper relationship with graffiti, culture, understanding of modern art, communication, and overall connecting with each other.

CRYP Intern student 2015

LIFE, 2015. Colored Paper Collage by Safire.

The year of 2013 was full of many Spraycations (a vacation were lots of painting occurs. Term coined by EAST ATT,DF). One of them was going to Rapid City, South Dakota and painting in Art Alley. Art Alley is one city block alley that is open to any one willing to try their hand at visual art and expression. Most of the artists that paint there are graffiti or street artists. Anyone may paint at any time day or night, no permission is required and one may express anything that does not include profanity or laude images. Also one must use classy judgements when painting over another artist, taken in consideration the quality of work and your intentions for going over it, duration of how long that work has been there and has it gotten enough “ride” time, and a heads up to the person you are going over is a respectful and classy move that may eliminate any further problems. This is to ensure no feelings gets hurt and the environment stays peaceful. The only rules of the Alley are; do not in dangerous others, the property or your self.

Check out the short video. Footage and editing by Urban Camper.

Art Alley Rapid City, South Dakota, 2013

ROWAN. Art Alley Rapid City South Dakota, 2013

While visiting TATS CRU summer of 2013 and making a pilgrimage to the Bronx, the Mecca of Graffiti, i was able to participate in a Mash Up at Rikers Island Prison with some of the best graffiti writers/artists in the world. With the likes of DAZE, BIO, NICER, BG183, RIME, CES, DABS & MYLA, CHINO, KEM, DEMOTE, ZES, OWNS, KIDE, TOPER and SADE, i was humbled and even more grateful i had the opportunity to paint with greatness.   Thanx to Warden TRIM and officer TRIKE (Brooklyn Writers) for making this possible. As it was a wild adventure…

Check out the videos.   Or    Or

Graffiti at Rikers Prison, 2013

Painting at Rikers Island Prison…

Graffiti Mural at Rikers Prison, 2013

Locked In Rikers: TATS CRU, TUFF CITY, SEVETH LETTER and me…;)

As a 2012 Bush Fellowship recipient i have started a new program Spray Finger. My Fellowship and Spray Finger is focused on the advancement and development of Graffiti Art and its esthetic value as an educational program. This program, Spray Finger, seeks out support by building partnerships with artists, teachers, business owners, city officials, arts organizations, community leaders, parents, and students to address and discuss culture, opportunity, possibility and the process of graffiti writing for teaching its artistic principles.

Student from Stillwater High School working the Daskarone Method of drawing letters, 2013

Student at Stillwater High School working the Daskarone Method of drawing letters. 2013.

Paint On The Water St. Croix Valley HipHop Festival, in Stillwater Minnesota, September 8th, 2012. This is my first co-promotion festival. The work is intense but i am enjoying putting it all together. Come see all the awesome talent from Graffiti/Street artist, B-Boys/Girls, MC’s, and DJ’s all the basic elements of the HipHop culture performing together.

PaintontheWater Poster

We Exist   Influences of Graffiti on Art , People and Culture.  Intermedia Arts 2822 Lyndale Ave south, Minnepolis, MN

We Exist


With Gear in Kansas City, MO. on the Jerome Travel Grant, 2012

Each One Teach One

This was the theme of my time in Kansas City, MO with GEAR for my last trip on the Jerome Travel Study Grant of 2011. Gear proved to be an awesome teacher with nightly drawing challenges, lectures on Midwest history, personal stories and pushing me to try new things. Since my travels with other great masters around the country, i was able to show him a few painting techniques – Each one Each One. i had a fabulous time. Thank you GEAR, my new brotha.

“Deez Nutz”

Preparing for an Exciting 2012 year. I am grateful to use The Uppercut Boxing Gym Court Yard as a practice place to get the winter rust off, Thanks Lisa!!!

Uppercut Court Yard, 2012

Uppercut Court Yard, 20122012 is here, let’s rock!

EWOK & DAESK 2011Painting with Black, White & Gray helps to focus on Style and form

Me & EWOK, 2011

EWOK & DAESK Partner with Asian Media Access on the Minnesota State arts Board Cultural Collaboration Grant 2011.

Chor Boogie 2011Chor Boogie, experiment wall 2011







  No Additives, No Preservatives was theme of the week while working with Chor Boogie in San Francisco, CA. This topic refers to Chor’s ability to free style with aerosol paint in content and technique with “no” reference to drawings, photographs or extra tools used to achieve his remarkable painting methods. This remarkable ability separates Chor from most aerosol painters. As an aerosol artists he does not focus on lettering, being the dominate feature of the culture, but rather a surreal, symbolic, and suggestive character development. His work has extreme visual information steeped in color that requires intense patience, focus and tedious attention to details. He also has the talent to execute characters and figures in a realistic form.    Go to MURALS page for more photos and info…

History of American Graffiti Check out the new facts on the origins of Graffiti in America…! Click Here to see more…


Black Book At Franconia Sculpture Park, 2011Black Book At Franconia Sculpture Park, 2011

Black Book At Franconia Sculpture Park (FSP) Is ready for view! Come down and see many great Sculptures.  Take 35 north (30mins), exit on HW. 8 towards Taylors Falls (30mins) Franconia is on the corner of Hw.8 and HW. 95 Can’t miss it…?

Artists featured in my Book are: DAESK, EMER, EROS, STUN, SHOCK, Paid4, ZEN one, EARS, Rekonize, SHAPER, SENZA, JAWSH, NEBS, OHDE, BEING, ADEPT, CANOE, CAMERON and me PEYTON.

Go to my Art/Sculptures page to see more…

EAST “Can Poppin” for a fresh background technique

EAST & DAESK - Jerome Travel & Study Grant, 2011

EAST & DAESK - Jerome Travel & Study Grant, 2011 i painted with EAST and EMIT in Denver, CO as an apprenticeship from the Jerome Travel and Study Grant 2011. It was my second trip next to New York with TATS CRU. i spent one weekend with each artist and it proved more rewarding than i expected it to be – AGAIN!

EAST focused purely on letter structure. Not a lot of tricks and fancy technique, just raw letter foundations and style. This is something i needed heavy focus on.

EMIT was more interested in a traditional Graffiti production with color matching names and painting fun details in side the names for subtle but extreme flavor to bring our names to life.

Working with both artists will enhance my own direction, technique and style of painting. i look forward to practicing and painting my next projects to put the things i learned into use.

Please visit my “Murals” page to see finished the pieces.

EMIT & DAESK - Jerome Travel & Study Grant, 2011

EMIT Gettin low and funky wit it!   Jerome Travel & Study Grant, 2011

Completed my first trip on the Jerome Travel Study Grant – Bronx New York and studying under TATS CRU. The trip reviled more than i expended. i learned some valuable techniques that i will put into practice over the course of the summer and beyond. Thank you BIO, NICER, and BG 183 for a fabulous time – i hope to re-turn in the near future.

"DAESK", NYC, 2011“DAESK” Bronx, New York – Jerome Travel Study Grant, 2011

Rowan Mural, Bronx NYC - TATS CRU, 2011 Rowan Mural, Bronx NYC – Collaboration with TATS CRU, Jerome Travel Study Grant, 2011


"B AS U R" Spray paint, aluminum, PVC on wood. 24"x48". 2011My work is currently at Alesci Gallery in Stillwater (116 South Main St.).

Thank you Scott (owner) for the opportunity. i look forward to our many future projects.

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